Programmable Controller Serial to Ethernet Converter Universal Programmer DC-DC / AC-DC Converter

Programmable Controller Ethernet EM Series Module Comparision Chart

Generation4th: Full power of Tibbo BASIC programmability, support for serial-over-IP via available Tibbo BASIC applcation
Feature HighlightSingle-channel RS232 port can be ordered with a POE option.A multi 3.5 channel device A universal RS232/422/485 device
Can work as a serial-to-IP device?YES, through the use of available serial-over IP Tibbo Basic application
Tibbo-BASIC programmable?Yes, with full power of Tibbo Basic, its objects, and the libraries
Ethernet PortYES, 10/100 BaseT
Wi-Fi PortNOOptional*
Serial Port(s)One RS232 port with 1 channelOne RS232 port with 3.5 channels1 RS232/422/485 port with 3.5 channels in RS232 mode
Flash Memory512KB for TiOS firmware & application storage1024KB, for TiOS firmware, compiled Tibbo Basic application and its Data
Flash DiskNoYES, can take all free space in the flash memory (space not already occupied by TiOS firmware and Tibbo Basic application)
EEPROM200 bytes2048 bytes, 2042 bytes available to store Tibbo Basic application data
Firmware UpgradesYes, through a serial port or network
Power input/output on DB9"12V" power input on pin 9 of DB 9"12V" power input & output on pin 9 of DB9 (software controllable)Not Provided
System (MD) ButtonYES
DisplayNooptional 96x32 monochrome OLED
Status LEDs2, for green and red status LEDs
Ethernet LEDs1, yellow for link indication
PLL (Speed) ControlNoYES, through software only
Supply Volatges (Nominal)12V
Data SheetDS1100 Data SheetDS1101 Data SheetDS1102 Data Sheet
For More details visit our Tibbo's site DS1100DS1101DS1102
ManualPHM_manual & Tide_Tbasic_manual

NOTE - * Wi-Fi and PoE options are mutually exclusive and cannot be installed together