Programmable Controller Serial to Ethernet Converter Universal Programmer DC-DC / AC-DC Converter

Programmable Controller Ethernet EM Series Module Comparision Chart

Generation3rd: Full power of Tibbo BASIC programmability, support for serial-over-IP via available Tibbo BASIC application
Feature Highlight2.54mm (0.1") pin pitch-ideal for prototyping. New to Tibbo BASIC? Start your quest with this module!Stacked design minimizes footprint, device width close to that of a standard RJ45 jack.Member of x20x family, with the RJ203 jack/magnetics. Combined footprint only 34.5x19mm.Ideal for cost-sensitive applications. Minimal footprint. Width and height close to those of a standard RJ45 jack.
Can work as a serial-to-IP device?YES, through the use of available serial-over IP Tibbo Basic application
Tibbo-BASIC programmable?Yes, with full power of Tibbo Basic, its objects, and the librariesYES, but with limited features
Ethernet PortYES, 100/10 BaseT
Built-in MagneticsNOYesNO
Wi-Fi PortEXTERNAL, requires the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on module
Serial Port(s)41 with 3.5 channels
I/O LinesUp to 53Up to 32Up to 17Up to 8
Flash Memory512KB or 1024KB, for TiOS firmware, compiled Tibbo Basic application and its Data512KB, for TiOS + BASIC application
Flash DiskYES, can take all free space in the flash memory (space not already occupied by TiOS firmware and Tibbo Basic application)Yes, with external flash IC
EEPROM2048 bytes, 2042 bytes available to store Tibbo Basic application data256 bytes, 200 bytes available to store Tibbo BASIC app. data
Firmware UpgradesYes, through a serial port or network"YES, serial/network, including "cold upgrade"
RTCYES, with internal or external backup power sourceNOYES, with external backup power sourceNO, but you can connect an external RTC
Supports LCDYES, supports several models of displays, the list will be expanded in the futureYES, in the future
Supports KeypadYES, up to 64 keys depending on the availability of I/O lines and keypad configurationYES, in the future
Buzzer Control OutputYES, programmable square wave outputNO
System (MD) Button LineYES
Status LED Control Lines2, for green and red status LEDs2, for green and red dual-function LEDs
Ethernet LED Control Lines2, for link and speed mode indication1, for link indication
PLL (Speed) ControlYES, through hardware (jumper) or softwareYES, through software onlyNO
Reliable Onboard ResetYES, onboard power-up, brown-out detection, and watchdog circuitNO, external reset required
Power & Size
Supply Volatges (Nominal)3.3V, I/O lines are 5V-tolerant
Current Consumption (max.)230mA, with PLL on and 100BaseT link260mA, at 100BaseT
Potted (sealed) EnclosureNO
Data SheetEM1000 Data SheetEM1202 Data SheetEM1206 Data SheetEM500 Data Sheet
For More details visit our Tibbo's site EM1000EM1202EM1206+RJ203EM500
ManualPHM_manual & Tide_Tbasic_manual