Programmable Controller Serial to Ethernet Converter Universal Programmer DC-DC / AC-DC Converter

About Our Company

Theta Sales & Service is a reputed 10 years old trading company based in Pune, which belongs to the "Devi Group of Industries", which is about 30 years old.

We are located at "The Pentagon", on Pune - Satara Road, Pune, one of the country's major electronics industry hubs. Pune is situated very close to Mumbai (or Bombay as it was previously called), which is the financial Capital of India.

We are involved in marketing development tools, components etc. required by Electronics Industries. These products are mainly imported.

About Our Alliances :

Presently, we are exclusive distributors for:

  • HILO SYSTEMS RESEARCH Co Ltd, Taiwan - Founded in 1983 as a consulting company specializing in application software written for customers. At that time, a device programmer was priced at an unreasonable high rate; hence we dedicated ourselves to be a reliable supplier of our own brand and to supply high quality programmers at affordable prices to compete in the market, which previously have been dominated by foreign companies.

    We (Hilo & TSS) offer you all our products, like the Universal Programmer, Gang Programmers, Automated Programmers etc. along with 1 year warranty.

  • Tibbo Technology Inc., Taiwan - A Taiwan corporation company that designs and manufactures a number of hardware, software products, and its applications. In many cases, Tibbo PRODUCTS are combined with each other and/or third-party products thus creating a product combination suitable to the customers.

    We (Tibbo & TSS) endeavor to provide you with prompt service, full technical support and after-sales support, if required. We can also provide complete solutions for integrating the device into your system.

We are also distributors for:

  1. Power Plaza Co. Ltd, Korea for their DC-DC / AC-DC Converters.
  2. Yuan Dean Scientific Co. Ltd, Taiwan for their DC-DC Converters.

Theta Sales also distributes and provides applications & service support for a range of Cameras and their various accessories. We represent 2 companies in Taiwan for their full range products. The products in this category include:

  • BOX Cameras.
  • Board Cameras.
  • Wireless Cameras.
  • IP Cameras.
  • Wireless Transmitters and Receivers for Video & Audio Signals.
  • PAN/TILT Platform.
  • WEB Camera Server.
  • Other Accessories.