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Programmable Controllers :

Easier Than a Microcontroller, Lighter Than a Linux Box :

Simple Language Streamlined Environment
High Level Object Comprehensive Libraries
Lean, Mean OS Versatile Hardware

Programming - The Tibbo Way :

Ah, the ever-popular term "programmable". Overused, abused, and misinterpreted. Some claim to have a programmable product when there is only a configuration screen. Others slap together generic Linux hardware and call it programmable too - good luck using it.

Unlike these folks, Tibbo delivers a complete solution - an easy-to-use language, sophisticated IDE with debugging, high-level objects and libraries, and versatile hardware.

The Tibbo range of Controllers, come with a range of incredible features


  • Flash Rom - 1MB
  • EEPROM - 512 bytes
  • RTC - optional
  • Processor running at - MHz
  • Serial Ports
  • TCP/IP port
  • Wi-fi
  • Digital IO pins

Software :

The application software is written in Tibbo "BASIC" which is a powerful, event-driven version of the 'BASIC' Language. The IDE is PC based, operating under "Windows". This includes the compiler, programmer, and a debugging tool for easy development. Moreover, it is FREE. So, there is no investment for starting development of these devices.

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Tibbo "BASIC" comes loaded with high level objects and libraries, which cuts down your development time dramatically. You need to try it to believe it. You can 'borrow' the development board for some time for your evaluation, at no cost. Email / call us for the same

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We have a wide range of products :

Optional Accessories:

GA1000 Wi - Fi Add-on Module :
The GA1000 Wi - Fi add-on module further expands the scope of potential applications for Tibbo BASIC-programmable modules by adding 802.11b/g communications capability to the already powerful hardware mix. GA1000 can be used with all programmable Modules -- the EM1000, EM1202, EM1206 and EM500.

The module utilizes SPI interace and only requires five I/O line to control. Flexible mapping allows your application to use any five available I/O pins. Please note that the GA1000 is a slave device and cannot be used on its own. The GA1000 will work only with a BASIC-programmable Tibbo module.

(This device cannot operate by itself. It has to be controlled by one of our modules.)