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Serial - Ethernet Converter :

Tibbo Technology specializes in network connectivity solutions. The hardware and software Products provide a fast and economical way to quickly network-enable any serial device. We also provide complete solutions for integrating this device into your systems.

DS100R/B & DS203 are fully functional finished devices.

EM100, EM120, EM202 & EM203 module are OEM devices, if you are making your own PCBs.

Both the Devices (DS & EM) are compatible. The only difference is that one is an "external" device and another is an "onboard" component. For both the devices, we have Evaluation & Development system startup kit to get you started quickly.

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Tibbo Device Server Toolkit for Windows

Our Release3 software includes new versions of internal firmware for Tibbo Device Servers and Tibbo Device Server Toolkit (TDST) for Windows. The TDST includes the following components:

  • Connection Wizard assists you in creating data links involving Tibbo Device Servers and Virtual Serial Ports.

  • DS Manager is used to locate setup, manage, monitor, and upgrade Tibbo Device Servers.

  • The Virtual Serial Port (VSP) software can install virtual serial ports on your PC. These ports are not on your PC, but once linked, they offer you 'real' ports through our Serial-Ethernet Servers

  • Port Monitor logs the activity of Virtual Serial Ports

Virtual Serial Port Driver for Linux (VSPDL) is available:

There are several utility programs available for using and configuring these devices

Device Manager :
The Device manager helps you to 'search' the devices on the network, even if their IP addresses are not of the same network. Through this tool, you can set the IP address and the various parameters on the Ethernet side, as well as on the Serial side. Through this tool, one can also upload the firmware of the device.

Operation: These devices can operate in 2 modes

  • Transparent Mode:
    In this mode, 2 devices, anywhere on the network, can operate in a transparent mode, without the need of a PC or other device

  • Peripheral Mode:
    In this mode, the device acts as a peripheral to the PC (through the VSP installed on it) to which it is linked.

Click to read more about these modes of operation.

Applications :

These Ethernet Modules can be used to network-enable practically any serial device, such as

  • Data collection & security terminals:
    • Access Control Terminals
    • Security Devices
    • Time Recorders
    • Warehouse Terminals
    • Shop floor automation Terminals
  • Remote Sensors & Meters:
    • Power monitors
    • Power meters
    • Environmental monitors
    • Temperature monitors
    • Data loggers
  • Auto-ID Scanners:
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Magnetic Card Readers
    • RFID Readers
  • Electronic Signboards
  • PC-less entry systems
  • Low-cost educational systems
  • Vending Machines
  • POS Systems
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Serial printers
  • PBX Stations

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